West Bengal Medical Council is an Autonomous Body constituted under the provisions of the Bengal Medical Act 1914 and governed by the Rules & Regulations framed under this Act. West Bengal Medical Council is formed with 3 nominated members of the Government of West Bengal, 3 Ex-officio Members, 7 elected members from Teaching Doctors and 7 elected members from General Medical Practitioners of West Bengal.  The President and the Vice President are elected from amongst the above members. The term of the Council is generally for five years.
[1]    West Bengal Medical Council gives registration to the qualified medical practitioners, who possess qualification(s) as per Schedule of Medical Council of India.
[2]    This Council gives recognition of the Fellowship Courses.
[3]    This Council investigates on the complaints of medical negligence of erring medical practitioners on the basis of complaints of the Complainants. After investigation, if the medical practitioner(s) is/are found guilty of infamous conduct, the Council imposes punishment in terms of provision laid down in the Bengal Medical Act 1914.
[4]    This Council sanctions credit hours to the Organizing Bodies conducting CME (Continuing Medical Education) programme.
[5]    This Council publishes quarterly medical journal viz. MEDICAL GLORY for upgrading knowledge of the medical fraternity in conformity with the rapid progress of modern medical science..
West Bengal Medical Council